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Closer view of the mounting

DIY Stirplate Build using the DigitalHomebrew.com DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit

I received a  DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit from DigitalHomebrew.com the other day and documented this stirplate build and review.  I am really impressed with this kit. It’s the first of it’s kind that I have seen. Typically you need to either buy a stirplate or build it using spare parts.

Prior to seeing this, the easiest method was to use the Thermaltake USB fan as I did in my post here: DIY Stir Plate for Homebrew Yeast Starters. But this contains all the parts needed in one bag (minus the enclosure). PLUS the magnets come affixed to the fan and tuned to the included stirbar. I’d have to say the hardest part of my Thermaltake build was getting the HDD magnets centered for the stirbar I chose.

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Complete Poker Rules – New Blog Launched

Over the last week I have been working to get a new poker blog launched. Complete Poker Rules is a blog that will have discussions (via blog posts and comments) about poker strategy, poker hand analysis, poker how-to’s,  book and product reviews, etc. 

While the site is focused on discussion and community, the Poker Rules section will provide all the info you need to a variety of card games and betting structures. The rules are presented by “Roberts Rules of Poker” authored by Bob Ciaffone.

Feel free to drop by: www.completepokerrules.com and join in the poker conversation!

Outlook Search with Xobni

I have been using the Outlook search add-on by Xobni for the past few months and I have to say it is a great time-saver for me. It is lightning quick in searching my Outlook email compared to the built-in search Outlook provides.

In addition to the search capabilities, Xobni allows you to better navigate your email world. When you are viewing an email in Outlook, Xobni will display the contacts phone number (and a link to call if you have skype installed), recent conversations and recent attachments.

Have a look at the following youtube video to see all the features of Xobni.