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A+ School Rewards Fundraiser

My daughter’s school is enrolled in the A+ School Rewards program through Stop and Shop. When you use your card, a point is accrued for every dollar you spend. At the end of each month, Stop and Shop totals all the points the school has accrued and that is used in a calculation to determine what percentage of $330,000 her school will be awarded. This is for each month in the school year.

If you shop at Stop and Shop and would like to help, just email/facebook/tweet/call me with your 13 digit Stop and Shop card #. On some key cards, there are 2 small numbers to the left and 1 small number to the right, these all need to be included.


  1. Gift cards, pharmacy, gas, alcohol and/or cigarette purchases are excluded from accruing points.
  2. This points accrual is completely separate from your typical rewards points. So you can still help out AND lower your gas price :)
  3. You can earn triple and double points by purchasing certain healthy brands.
  4. You can support up to 3 schools

More info here if you are interested.