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Ooops, I Did It Again

The “Daddy 2.0″ era starts today. Our 2nd daughter was born early this morning at 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches. Almost the same size as daughter #1.

The staff here at MGH was incredible, especially our nurse Julie. She was with us from start to finish and really made my wife feel comfortable throughout.

The anesthesiologist was excellent and that is always a bonus in the comfort department.

That’s really all I have for you all since I am blogging from the delivery room ;)

Have a great day!

Save the Embarrassment or Save Cash?

Here is a random hypothetical I thought of today while I was out. I was coming out of Trader Joe’s during lunch break and I dropped my car keys while taking them out of my pocket. They landed safely on the ground but about a foot and a half away from a storm drain.

I began to think “What would I have done if they’d gone down the drain??”. I could have called someone from work to come pick me up and drive me back to my office, take the train home and then come back with my spare set the next day. This would save me some cash.

OR, I could….spend about $70 in cabs to get home and back with the spare sets right then? This would save me the embarrassment of needing to be picked up after dropping my car keys into a storm drain and would also save the hassle of taking the train.

What would you do in that scenario??

Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon

The telethon is now over and the Jimmy Fund raises over 4 million dollars in the past two days. The proceeds from this will go to fund cancer research and to help make the lives of children and families dealing with cancer have a sense of hope.

My friend emailed this to all of us yesterday during the final drive of the charity telethon where the Jimmy Fund was trying to reach it’s goal of 5 million in these tough economic time. I hope you can find time and a little money to still donate. Continue reading

Donate to a Good Cause this Holiday

I just made a donation to the Fisher House to support the great work they are doing. The Fisher House provides a home away from home for the families of America’s soldiers who often have to travel long distances to receive specialized medical care.

This is a great cause and your help is needed this holiday season to make sure the families of our wounded soldiers can be close to a loved one at these most stressful times.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Geoff Manning’s Top 5 Movies of All Time!!!1

To be considered in my top X “All Time” movies it has to pass one test. Will I stop what I am doing and watch it, whenever it is on, no matter what I am doing? With that as the criteria, here are my top 5 movies of all time:

  1. Shawshank Redemption
  2. Tombstone
  3. Cincinnati Kid
  4. Old School
  5. Armageddon (don’t laugh! I think it kicks ass).

I’d like to see what my other friends choose as their top movies, so consider yourself tagged:

  1. Pokerplasm
  2. Grundy
  3. Rock_The_Ice

Final Day to Contribute to ‘Skate for Sully’

‘Skate for Sully’ is happening tomorrow at 2pm at Smithfield Municipal Hockey Rink.

I want to make a last minute push for more contributions. We have received $205 dollars in contributions (thanks so much!!) so far.

Here is a news article in the Valley Breeze that tells Shannon’s story. (Excerpt below):

SMITHFIELD – When 5-foot, 1-inch Shannon Sullivan became the first girl to play varsity hockey here, in 1991, she despaired of looking dainty – so before each game she would tuck her flowing, flame-red hair into her helmet.

Her opponents cut her no slack on the ice; she remembers once being checked so hard that “I had to crawl back to the bench – I could barely catch my breath.”

Now, the glory of two high school championships is long past, and at 32, she concedes with characteristic understatement that “I’m kind of in a pickle.”

A fighter by nature, Sullivan is confronting hard times. And once again on her mind are those trademark, shoulder-length curls.

She pauses for a moment in a conversation laced with humor and composure, and then confides, “The first time I cried was last Thursday, when my hair was falling out in my hands.”

That was the private Shannon Sullivan few see as she confronts her second bout with cancer in four years – but true to form that day, she quickly reached for the positive. Her tears dried, she says, and she took control.

“I told myself, ‘Get the razor and shave it all off’ – then I was fine.”

If you have the time and the inclination, please consider making a small donation using the ChipIn widget below.

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First Friday at the SoWa Artists Guild – Boston

Art from "Theories of Seeing"

Harrison Avenue in the South End of Boston is the place to be…on the First Friday of the month. SoWa (South of Washington) is a trendy area of Boston that is home to some very talented artists. 450 Harrison Avenue houses 15 galleries and over 50 artists studios whose sole purpose is to “promote the diversity and individuality of the artists working in this flagship space, the center of the SOWA Art District”

Attending First Friday was a very exciting experience for me. I don’t “do art” so to speak. I like what I like. But going to SoWa and seeing the artists in their environment was a revelation of sorts.  There was such a variety of art, culture, personality and ambiance.

First Friday was a great opportunity for me to meet an artist whose work I have admired for the past 3 years, Charyl Weissbach. She is an encaustic impressionist that has a beautiful mind and eye for landscape. The picture below does no justice at all for her incredible work (camera phone, meh). So I encourage you to visit Charyl’s website to see her online body of work.

Here is a list of all the artists we saw:

If you live in Boston and have even the most remote appreciation of art I highly recommend attending. The studios are open daily and also by appointment (please check with the individual artists) but attending on First Friday was quite the experience.

What the Hell is #ramday ??

#ramday is a twitter meme started by new twitter friend @thespottedduck. It means Random About Me Day and it is when people tweet (a message to Twitter) a random piece of information about themselves that would not normally come up in conversation.

It has been an interesting way to learn new things about people (and meet new people in general).

Some favorites so far:

  • tgwilson: My brother-in-law is married to his stepsister (which she wasn’t when they got married). Figure it out. #ramday
  • thegirlriot: @michaelallison #ramday i dated a 23 year old when i was 17.
  • michaelallison: I dated a 31-year-old woman when I was 22. #ramday.
  • jstorerj: i once drove from Denver to Boston solo, only stopping to fill the car with gas. Just about 2000 miles in 35 hours. #ramday
  • RickWolff: When I take eggs from a box, I make sure the remaining eggs balance in the box. Drives my wife nuts; she goes in & messes them up. #ramday
  • nwjerseyliz: #ramday I’ve been blonde twice in my life. It didn’t suit me at all but both times I got asked out more than any other time in my life. MEN!
  • thespottedduck: in pre-school, i convinced a kid to eat glue. #ramday
Here are my contributions, (yes I do work for a living).

Do you have one of these Friends??


News Article: Smithfield hockey pioneer Shannon Sullivan fighting cancer a second time

I also wanted to give more info about the benefit and alternate ways of contributing:

The game to benefit Shannon Sullivan, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 30, will feature volunteer players who are at least 16 years old, and will include a slapshot contest for spectators and a puck throw competition for children. Game tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Tickets for the after-game buffet at Ticker’s are $15. For more information or to sign on as a player contact Alyson Aceto at 401-487-7085 or , or Jenny Trainor at 401-255-7582 or .

If you would like to contribute online, please use the ChipIn link at the end of the article. There is absolutely no contribution that is too small.

Original post below:


Do you have the kind of friend that no matter how long it has been, you can get on the phone and pick up right where you left off? There are no preconceived notions of how often you need to stay in touch to maintain “friend” status. There is no: “I haven’t spoke to her in years, she’s off the wedding/Christmas/BBQ invite list”.  They are truly and simply just your friend, always.

Well, I do and I hope you are lucky enough to have one too. Trouble is that my friend, Shannon, needs some help. She was just recently downsized from a company where she worked as a graphic designer for 12 years, leaving her with no health insurance. Here’s the scary part, she was just diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.

Here is her story (reprinted from her Lotsa Helping Hands page):

Shannon is a 32 year old woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the 2nd time and this is her story. Shannon began her hockey career in 1988 with the RI Panthers. It wasn’t long after that, that the town knew of Shannon’s strength and fight as she became the first female to play for her high school team the Smithfield Sentinels. Little did we know that Shannon would once again have to fight like she had never fought before when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2004. With amazing strength and bravery Shannon took on her course of treatment: lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy, chemotherapy, radiation, and oral medication for the last 5 years Eventually, she was considered in remission and was working hard as a talented Graphic Designer in Massachusetts. Her curly hair grew back and a sense of normalcy returned to her life.

Recently, her inspirational story has taken a twist. After 12 plus years with her employer she was downsized leaving her without medical coverage. There wasn’t a pretty severance package and extended benefits. That alone is a daunting situation many families have felt and are experiencing during these difficult economic times. What separates this situation from others is that Shannon was informed a week later that, “the breast cancer is back.”

Shannon is facing her next battle with breast cancer which has metastasized to her lung. The treatment will be similar, the side affects all too familiar and with YOUR HELP the outcome will be positive. So help us by being a part of Shannon’s next chapter in life because there is more story to be written.

There is a charity hockey game at the end of August to support Shannon. I am collecting money through ChipIn and will pass along your well wishes and donations at that time. So help out if you can: a small donation or a prayer, anything will help. I am lucky to call her my friend. And I want to have this friend for a long, long time.