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Help a Friend Running for ALS

Footfall RunningI received an email from a close friend of mine today that happens to be a runner. He started running marathons last year and has battled through some tough injuries that would have certainly forced me to quit.

This year he wants to run for a charity, a cause. Here is the email he sent me (reprinted with his permission):

As you know I started running marathons last year. I completed the San Diego marathon in 4 hrs 27 minutes, the Cape Cod Marathon in 4 hrs 4 minutes and the Hartford 1/2 Marathon. I logged over 1300 miles and 6 pairs of sneakers last year. I also spent 12 weeks in physical therapy (bad knees).

Now I want to do it all over again this year, except I want to do it to help out other people. This year I am going to run for Curt’s Pitch for ALS (better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). I will be the first EVER to run the San Diego Marathon for Curt’s Pitch. If you could please help me raise money for this devastating disease, I and the ALS patients would really appreciate it.

If you would like to help out my friend please consider a donation by way of a check made out to:

The ALS Association MA Chapter

The check can be sent to Matt’s home:

Matt Labrie
82 West Central Street
Natick, Ma 01760

Please check out the Curt’s Pitch for ALS website for more information about the charity. The website also has more information about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Photo Credit: tangy wolf


The New England Patriots beat a very charged up New York Giants tonight to finish the regular season 16-0 for 2007. The Giants played inspired football for the first 40 some minutes but the Patriots took over partway through the 3rd quarter to beat the Giants 38-35.

So, the Pats finished 16-0, Tom Brady finished with 50 TD’s and Moss finished with 23 TD’s, all single season records. Congratulations!

Go Patriots (Take II)!!!

Well, as I mentioned in my last Patriots post, the Pats will play tonight against the New York Giants to finish the season undefeated. With the Giants playoff spot guaranteed and a date with the Tampa Bay Bucs in next weeks playoff game, the Giants have very little to play for.

The big debate this week has focused on the Giants coach Tom Coughlin. Some are saying that he owes it to history to put up a fight against the Patriots. Give me a break, he owes it to his team and to Giants fans to prepare the team for the playoffs. I’m not saying they should roll over and play dead, but to play your starters all 4 quarters in an attempt to defeat the Patriots is pretty silly.

On the other hand, the Patriots have very little (playoff wise) to play for tonight as well. But they do have several records to break:

  • The aforementioned undefeated season of 16-0
  • The single season passing TD record of 49 for Tom Brady (Currently held by Peyton Manning, no relation)
  • The single season TD reception record of 22 for Randy Moss (Currently held by Jerry Rice)
  • The consecutive regular season win streak of 18 (which they already own)
  • The single season team scoring record of 556 points Currently held by the Minnesota Vikings)