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Brewday April 25th 2014: Jamil’s Blonde Ale

This is a “re-do” of my extract version of this recipe. It’s a blonde ale from Jamil Zainasheff’s Brewing Classic Styles book. I had taken a big brewing hiatus and jumped back in with an extract version of this recipe. The US05 yeast I had didn’t kick off after about 72+ hours so I repitched. I had some fermentation temperature issues and the resulting beer just tasted off.

This will be my first brew using liquid yeast and my new stir plate. I need a .75 liter starter for this batch but I made a 1.25 liter one with the goal of splitting it and preserving 500 ml. What that will accomplish is that I will be able to use that 500 ml later to create a new yeast starter instead of buying another $7 vial of yeast.

Then when it is time to make that starter, I will save 500 ml again and the cycle will continue. This is following the “Novel Approach” yeast starter technique.

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